AMC Engineers is a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in institutional, commercial and residential building system design.

At AMC Engineers, people are our ultimate focus. We strive to design safe, comfortable and maintainable high performance building systems for a wide range of facilities, each with specific (and often unique) design challenges.

Our goal is to provide economical, trouble-free building systems, which compliment a building’s architectural design. With an acute attention to detail, we strive to create indoor environments with a healthy and refreshing indoor “feel” through efficient circulation of fresh, clean air, consistent and uniform temperature/humidity control, appropriate and inviting lighting choices and subliminal background noise levels.

Our staff of experienced engineers are available to meet any building systems design challenge. Through formal in-house continuing education, engineering specialty certification programs and a long history of diversified project experience, we remain current within a field of ever changing building design and control technology.

Our process starts with a solid understanding of a projects environment. Client performance expectations are defined. Incorporation of local natural resources are evaluated. Building envelope design is scrutinized. Appropriate building systems are applied. Actual building systems operation is optimized and documented through “hands-on” field commissioning.


Our Mission

People’s safety and comfort is our ultimate focus.

We strive to create healthy, comfortable indoor environments through sound engineering practices, innovative problem solving techniques and responsible, sustainable design choices.


Our Values

  • Relationship driven
  • Innovative thinking
  • Sound engineering
  • Reliable, long term solutions
  • Environmental stewardship