Commissioning (Cx) involves an intensive quality assurance process that begins at project pre-design and continues throughout design, construction, and occupancy phases. Cx confirms that a new building is designed and operates per the owner’s performance requirements. Cx also ensures that the building's design is formally documented, and the staff are effectively trained to maintain the building at peak performance.

Retrocommissioning applies the Cx process to existing buildings to improve building equipment/systems functionality and performance.

Recommissioning applies the Cx process to a previously commissioned building, often triggered by change in ownership, building usage, observed operational problems or excessive energy use. Ideally, an ongoing recommissioning plan is included as part of a new building's original Cx process.

AMC Engineers follows the American Society of Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) guidelines for the Cx process of new and existing buildings and systems. Our staff includes four ASHRAE certified Building Commissioning Professionals (BCxP), ready to assist our clients through the Cx process and their desired level of service.

Cx Services Include:

  • Development of Owner Performance Requirements (OPRs) for Building Systems
  • Preparation of Cx Process Plans and Specifications
  • Technical Design Review for compliance with OPRs
  • Preparation of Construction Checklists
  • Site Verification and Operational Testing
  • Systems Manuals
  • Training Plans
  • End of Warranty Final Cx Process Report
  • Ongoing Cx Plans and Procedures