Introduction to AMC Services

Our services begin with pencils down, listening to our clients, to clearly understand their motivation and project goals. Next, we work with our design team to select and apply the most appropriate systems to meet client performance goals and to promote a smooth integration within the projects architectural and structural elements.

AMC Engineers is committed to the design of well-engineered and sustainable mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems, supporting the full range of institutional, commercial and residential projects. We aim to meet our client’s project performance goals while minimizing environmental impact. AMC has a solid team of highly trained professional engineers and designers to help select the most appropriate systems to support new, remodel or expansion projects.

We believe an integrated approach to MEP system design is critical to an energy efficient and sustainable building “system.” The size, capacity, performance and energy consumption of mechanical and electrical systems are strongly linked to a building’s location, shape and its exterior building envelope. We work closely with architects, usually with the help of computer modelling, to help optimize site orientation, building envelope construction and the inclusion of natural site resources to allow the “right-sizing” of building MEP systems.