“Everything went REALLY well!  We got major kudos from Chandler with Pentagon and he said this was one of the BEST in-house constructed clean rooms that he’s seen.  Everything was right on the money with regards to air changes, pressures, etc. Thanks AMC Engineers for all your hard work with our inpatient pharmacy design, it was all smiles during our meeting.”~ Roy Reiss, Associate Facilities Engineer, Hospital Facilities & Engineering, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium 

"Thank you for your expertise and your assistance. I am grateful we have community partners available like AMC Engineers, who are willing to come in on Sundays and work long hours to get us where we need to be as soon as possible, while not compromising on safety and quality and overall excellence. Very well done, this one is for the record book.” ~ Kim Mahoney, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities & Campus Services, University of Alaska Anchorage

"AMC Engineers provided the Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum Building project team the depth of experience and quality of delivery we were looking for in design of building systems required to create a facility dedicated to protecting the objects and history of Alaska for the next 100 years. As the client, we asked a lot and AMC, as a team member, provided much more." ~ Robert Banghart, former Deputy Director, Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum

"Without a doubt AMC was the right team for this project. They had the in-house expertise (lighting, security, and HVAC) to tackle the tough aspects of getting it right with a highly articulated client group. They were very team oriented throughout the project design and construction. AMC brought the right mix of delivering what the client requested but also reinterpreting the request pushing the boundaries to the betterment of the project. Phased funding, phased construction, phased design added with multiple trade construction superintendents over the span of the 4 years in construction highlights the importance for strength and excellence from the quality assurance team of which AMC was integral to that." ~ Kim Mahoney, former ADOT&PF Project Manager, Father Andrew P. Kashevaroff Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum

"Thank you for your innovation & Stewardship on our engineering facility. You have left a lasting legacy; especially with your infamous M8.12 heating/cooling loop design"!!!  ~ Cameron Wohlford, UAF Project Manager, UAF Engineering Building

"Udelhoven Oilfield System Services has worked together with AMC Engineers for over 20 years; completing more than 1 million square feet of successful CM@Risk institutional building projects. Our collaborative "hands-on" working relationship allows us to consistently deliver award winning, high performance buildings to our clients on time and within budget. AMC Engineers is the best engineering firm to work with, in the State of Alaska." ~ Nick Pepperworth, Senior Vice President, Udelhoven Oilfield System Services Inc.

“Through the many facilities we have worked with you and your team on, we want to express our appreciation for the clarity and level of detail that we find in AMC’s pressure mapping abilities. On every project, AMC not only provides us with the information on the intended direction of airflow at each and every door, but they also provide us a carefully thought out plan as to the volumetric offsets that allows airflow to cascade from room to room. It is incredibly rare that we ever find a need for a change from the contract drawings as it relates to the airflow settings or sizing of lab air terminals. We truly appreciate your teams approach and level of detail.” ~ Leverette Hoover, General Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc

“As the Executive Director for the Kenaitze Indian Tribe, I am proud to report that, thanks in part to the hard work of AMC Engineers, the Dena’ina Wellness Center was completed on time and under budget in the spring of 2014.” ~ Jaylene Peterson-Nyren, Executive Director, Kenaitze Indian Tribe, Dena’ina Health and Wellness Center

I wanted to thank you again for the excellent service your staff has been providing to us. Your staff has truly been an extension of ours and they have been great to work with, very accommodating and as always - thorough. It has been a pleasure. ~ Kim Mahoney, former ADOT&PF Project Manager

“My twenty plus years of experience in managing design and construction projects in Alaska has resulted in my firm belief that AMC Engineers is the most responsive and committed mechanical and electrical engineering firm in Alaska. AMC Engineers is results-oriented and committed to providing the best engineering services and design, along with honest and accurate advice to the facility owners. It gives us Project Managers a feeling of confidence, when we have AMC Engineers on our projects.” ~ Bob Bechtold, Project Manager, Matanuska-Susitna Borough

“AMC is unparalleled in their ability to listen and respond to the requests of the people that actually use and maintain the physical plant. Those people consistently comment on AMC’s responsiveness, and generally regard them as the premier mechanical/electrical consultant in town. AMC is similarly responsive to the needs of the Department’s project manager.” ~Matt Tanaka, DOT Project Manager

“Your interest in product performance and client satisfaction separates your firm from all the others. It has been refreshing to find that these qualities still exist in today’s business climate and there are indeed firms that do not focus solely on the bottom line. I would like to thank you once again for your efforts to help us make our buildings perform as they were intended.” ~Pat McGough, Building Foreman, Anchorage School District

“Your firm’s approach to designing the University of Alaska Anchorage’s building automation system provided the University with state-of-the-art energy management, fire and security monitoring systems in a professional and timely manner. You developed a value engineering study prior to the plans and specification stage of the project which assured the University of obtaining maximum value for its investment. Your Division 17 specifications placed the local and national control contractors on notice to provide a quality system. Adams Morgenthaler & Company accepted the challenge of leading the professional consulting industry in providing services for the design of energy management systems and we will gladly recommend your firm to others who may be planning or deigning energy management fire and security monitoring systems.” ~Stan Vanover, Project Manager, UAA Facilities Planning and Construction

“There are a few firms that can boast of the success you have achieved. A great deal of that success, in our opinion, must be directly attributed to the quality performance that your company provides. It is a long, hard, nearly thankless job to provide competent services, maintain a superior staff, act as one of Alaska’s better engineering firms, and hopefully make a profit! You appear to consistently do it all well.” ~ Leo von Scheben, CEO, USKH, Inc.

“The Design produced by AMC on the project is successful in meeting airport, airline, and tenant requirements. The mechanical and electrical design was of the highest quality and required minimal change during construction. This is a testament to AMC’s commitment to design excellence. Throughout the construction of the new terminal and concourse, AMC demonstrated a high level of responsiveness to both the owner and construction contractor. “            ~ Donn Ketner, RA, Project Director

“I have been involved with the management of this facility since the beginning; without questions, this building has been a true gem to operate. The mechanical and electrical systems your group designed have been outstanding in both quality and efficiency. The systems were laid out with the operator in mind, and that in itself has allowed us to maintain the equipment in a like new condition. I am particularly pleased with the air handling system which has enabled us to maintain a comfortable 62-64 degree/F temperature for spectators. Yet, the controls also allow us to distribute airflow without compromising the quality of the ice.” ~ John H Rodda, Manager, Harry J. McDonald Memorial Center