AMC Engineers offers a full range of mechanical engineering design and technical support services; assisting our clients from project inception through final construction to meet their diverse goals. Our services continue throughout a facilities lifetime, to include technical operations and maintenance assistance, systems troubleshooting, reprogramming, remodel and retrofit consulting and technical support.

Services include:

Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems


Radiant floor heating is often utilized in our HVAC designs, providing comfortable and very energy efficient building heat. This institutional facility incorporates over 3 miles of radiant floor tubing.

High Performance Building Design

services_hvac_landscapeThis indoor ballistic range (50 caliber rated) maintains 100 feet/minute downrange air velocity, safety removing combustion products from the shooters breathing zone. “Spot exhaust” pulls heavy smoke generated near the firing line and target impact zone to maintain excellent range visibility.

Unique Facilities

services_poolAMC Engineers seamlessly integrated the ventilation system into the architecture of this indoor pool facility. Supply air is introduced through specially designed perforated wall panels. This design approach provides extremely even air distribution and a clean, uncluttered feel.

Industrial Process

services-industrial1This new woodworking shop with paint booth and nearby welding/soldering shop located at the new Alaska State Library, Archive and Museum in Juneau allows staff to design and build their own exhibit casework and displays on site.

Building Retrofit

retrofit1AMC Engineers designed the new 85,000 CFM replacement central air-handling unit for a large local indoor sports complex. The existing 35+ year old unit was first “disassembled” and removed in pieces through an existing unreinforced “knock-out” wall panel in the existing concrete fanroom wall.

Fire Protection Systems 

fire-protectionFluctuations in local service water pressure deemed the water source unreliable at this project location, AMC Engineers designed a firewater booster system that provides consistent and reliable water pressure to service the building.      

Specialty Gas Systems

compressedAMC Engineers designed the centralized laboratory gas storage and distribution system for a local university’s faculty research laboratory. Gases include nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen and laboratory grade compressed air. Compressed gases are distributed to laboratory workstations through 3/8” diameter stainless steel tubing.

System Troubleshooting

Central Heating System - Original

AMC Engineers successfully revitalized a central heating system plagued with chronic air binding, poor system pressure control and inadequate pump circulation.

After a detailed troubleshooting effort, AMC discovered the heating system was designed with conflicting air control AND air elimination strategies. Under AMC’s direction, the compression tank was removed; a new high efficiency air separator and a new bank of expansion tanks added; providing the heating system with true air elimination type pressure control.

Central Heating System - Redesign

Next, the system was retro-commissioned: The system underwent a controlled system fill and venting process to removed trapped air. Expansion tanks were properly pressurized to ensure positive system venting. During the process, system piping leaks were discovered and repaired and clogged system strainers identified and cleaned. The system runs great and our client is very pleased.