Principal Mechanical Engineer

Dave first came to Anchorage in 1965 when his father was transferred to Elmendorf. Dave then returned to Alaska in 1979 as an engineer with the US Public Health Service. He joined AMC in 1990, became an Associate in 1996 and a Principal in 2005. Dave gets excited when he works on multi-discipline projects, working closely with owners and users in providing innovative and unique solutions to complex and integrated systems. His passion is mentoring, with an emphasis on “doing it right the first time”, addressing the symptoms and solving the problem. His hallmark is to design with operations and maintenance in mind. Dave spends his free time working on his cabin in Talkeetna, reading (non-code related materials), fishing or walking through the woods on the land his parents purchased in 1967.

3 things you didn’t know about me:

  • In college, I was a crisis intervention listener and trainer.
  • I was an Adjunct Instructor for the first Engineering Mechanics course for UAA’s Bachelor of Science Engineering program.
  • I’m a highly dyslexic person who is a strong advocate for literacy.